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  • June 20, 2013


    Thyroid gland problems need not leave you depending on the health care system, biochemist Amber ( from Cherry Valley, CALIFORNIA) who knew Asia before she became According to Asia, was talking to Asia about her thyroid problem,and has been on medication since the age of 13, her mother is a nurse and was convinced that there was nothing that she could do about her thyroid problem. According to Asia started laughing and discussed with her what the Chinese do for thyroid problems, which is not a big problem in china, Amber being a biochemist, decided to investigate what According to Asia had said and started looking into minerals, herbs and vitamins that was specifically for the thyroid gland. After she investigated , she took it upon herself to stop her prescribed medication cold turkey, and started using the minerals, herbs and vitamins, she had put together. She told According to Asia (whom she calls her Diva) that the first two weeks she thought she was going to die. After the two weeks passed , the minerals,herbs and vitamins kicked in. According to Asia was shocked,and told her "you crazy lady you should have weaned yourself off slowly ", because she had quit cold turkey. Four months later, she went to her medical doctor for her check up, and the doctor said " oh Amber, your thyroid is getting better" and Amber looked at her doctor and said" i haven't been taking your medication for the last four months". Amber called Asia and they both had a good laugh.

    According to asia , noticed that a lot of people are walking around with Thyroid problems, whether they are aware of it or not: some as young as 16 . Whats wrong with this picture?

  • July 30,2012

    Corina Sumaway

    Hi Asia, here are your before and after photos. In just 3 weeks you can see the difference in your glow and weight! Without dieting and exercise you look 10 years younger! Can you get me some of that stuff you're taking?!
  • September 20,2012

    Corina Sumaway

    Hi Asia, in just 3 weeks, I noticed that I look younger and my skin and body is firmer. As you've said, I have a glow! Thanks to your invention. You’re so smart for recognizing that beauty is from within and that if the body isn’t healthy, you wouldn’t look healthy! Thanks, love you!

  • July 3, 2012

    Recently, a viewer from Australia submitted a very interesting question to Asia, and we wanted to share the answer with all of you.

    Q: Hi, I was just wondering if you help remove Candida and restore balance to the digestive system.

    A: Simply, the answer is yes. Candida is caused by dampness in the body; it comes from the adrenaline gland, thyroid, and kidney. When these three are working well, the dampness will leave the body. All the probiotics you may be taking will help, but they are just a band-aid solution. But balancing the digestive system and removing the Candida is actually a simple matter with Asia's help.

    If any of our other viewers are suffering from this problem, call According to Asia for your personalized effective, long-term solution; or submit your own question through the Contact Asia page on this website.

  • January 25, 2012

    Ever wonder why supplements from the health food stores and pharmacies seem to be unreliable, sometimes down-right ineffective? The fact is that most if not all of the herbs, vitamins and minerals available in stores are synthetic or highly processed. They might say that you are getting a high dose, but just because a label says "500mg," for example, doesn't mean that 500mg is actually going in to your body. You may in reality only be absorbing 50% or less. And of that small percentage, how much of it is your body really able to use? Very little. Why? Because our bodies are designed to use natural products, not something conjured up in a dismal lab in the basement of some corporate building.

    Of particular concern is Vitamin C. We all need this essential nutrient on a regular basis in order to maintain good health, but few of us get enough of it in our diet alone. There is, however, a very simple recipe that you can make at home to ensure that you are taking in enough real, natural Vitamin C. Each person's needs may be slightly different, however, so if you have not yet received your personal Vitamin C recipe, be sure to ask According to Asia about it during your next consultation.

  • December 23, 2011

    Asia would like all of her clients to please note that she is now asking everyone to have a copy of their most recent blood tests available for their initial consultation. If you have not yet obtained a copy from your doctor or have not had blood tests done recently and are able to do so, please do. This ensures that you see the best results without delay. Do not worry, however, if you are unable to obtain this; According to Asia can still successfully diagnose and treat your problems without it although it may take a little more time.

  • December 23, 2011

    You can now read about Asia's own health problems and the journey which brought about According to Asia on the newly constructed page, Asia's Journey to Health in the About Asia section of this website. Enjoy, and please come back often as we continue to grow and expand.

  • November 25, 2011

    Congratulations, Asia - your baby is now one year old! That's right, today marks the one-year anniversary of According to Asia. According to Asia has been helping people find better health across Canada for a whole year. According to Asia also expanded to help people internationally about six months ago. Come back often to the What's New page and follow how According to Asia continues to grow in the years to come!

  • November 17, 2011

    The According to Asia website is now up and running and ready for visitors! Some pages are still under construction, but we invite you to come back often and join us on this journey as According to Asia continues to grow and expand.

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