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When doctors and the health profession as a whole are proving unable to provide healthy, long-term results, many patients find it necessary to take their health into their own hands.  But walking into a health food store can be a little like walking into a library in a foreign country - the resources available are abundant, but they are of little good if you cannot make sense of them.  Most people never get beyond finding a cursory solution to their problems.  The key to successful and permanent health solutions, however, is to get to the true root of the ailment and to treat, not just the symptom, but the condition in the body which allowed the problem to develop in the first place.  According to Asia does just that. 


While your body is made up of many different systems working in tandem to keep you going, each of those systems is ultimately supported by one of the five major organs.  The liver alone, for example, supports over 500 different functions in the human body.  Health problems begin, not when you start to notice symptoms, but in fact years before when the major organ supporting affected system starts to shut down.  In most cases, doctors do not detect a problem until the system reaches less than 50% functionality, at which point the major organ itself is likely well below that.  You would not settle for having your car run at 50%, so why settle for that in your body?  Asia's approach is different in that she focuses on restoring function to all of the systems in the body.  By nourishing the weak organs, kicking systems that aren't working well, and bringing harmony to the body overall, your health issues can be relieved and even eliminated.


Most professionals are limited in their approach to treating your health.  Chiropractors deal solely with the central nervous system, acupuncturists focus in on individual nerves, naturopathic doctors treat only on a symptomatic level, and so on.  What else do these professionals have in common?  They are expensive!  And while each may have some benefits, not one of them can offer you a complete solution to bring your body back to a healthy, balanced state.  Asia, on the other hand, not only relieves your pain and other symptoms but also gets to the source of your problems and provides you with real, long-lasting results.  Because she has dealt with severe health problems herself, you can be sure that you can trust the products she provides or recommends - these are the same products which she uses herself.  (To learn about Asia's personal journey to better health, visit Asia's Health from the About Asia page.)  For more in-depth information on specific ailments, please follow the links in the menu on the left.  When you are ready to get started on your journey to better health, see the Contact Asia link on the Home page or contact her directly at 1-306-244-5570.  According to Asia's services are available worldwide via telephone; Visa payments accepted.