Asia's Journey to Health

Although she had very little when she came to Canada at the age of 16, Asia worked hard to make a life for herself.  In addition to attending university, Asia owned her own business by the age of 19 and sold it by the age of 22.  She continued to prove to be a hard, dedicated worker, throwing herself into whatever project she took up.  Nobody would have expected that such an energetic and successful woman could be anything but the picture of health.  However, subtle symptoms began to show very early.  At the age of 16, Asia began having severe menstrual problems.  These are generally considered normal or acceptable by most physicians.  At the age of 19, Asia developed a liver spot which no one was able to diagnose.  By the time she bought Unique Concepts, Asia had already made a name for herself as a successful business woman.  But her body had also been quietly deteriorating over the years.  By the time her condition became chronic, Asia was no longer physically or emotionally able to continue working as she had.  She was no longer finding joy in anything; she was sleeping 10 hours a night and still waking up tired; she had constant pain in her neck and back; she had no motivation any more and no desire to do anything.  She started missing some meetings and appointments and making excuses to get out of others. 


Several doctors, many of them friends of hers, tried very hard to help her.  They ran blood tests time and again but could find nothing wrong.  After three years, they finally ran additional tests upon Asia's request but still could find nothing.  Asia visited a chiropractor to try and relieve the severe pain in her upper back and right shoulder.  Only 45 minutes later, the pain was back again.  Over the course of a year, she saw many chiropractors and found the same end result with all.  After being treated for a year and not finding relief, it seemed as though she had wasted her time with con artists.  None of them had been able to target her problem, and not one had been honest enough to tell her that they did not know how to solve her problem.  Asia also tried acupuncture for over a year.  She paid $50-$100 per session, three times a week, but she still saw no lasting results.  Asia visited the best homeopathic doctor in Saskatoon several times with the hopes that he could finally help her; again she was disappointed and still in pain.  After all of this wasted effort, it seemed as though all of these people had cheated her, taken her for Bobo the Fool.  Half of the doctors she saw had severe health problems themselves and most did not even know it.  She had spent thousands of dollars and was still no closer to feeling better; she recorded over $24,000 in transactions on her Visa alone. Asia was nearing the point of giving up. 


One day, as she was listening to a radio talk show, the radio announcer made a comment which moved Asia.  He said that God is like a good mother.  He will run in front of a bus to save us.  God does not what to kill his children, but Lucifer does.  Thinking about this, Asia prayed.  The next morning when she awoke, she had made a decision - she was not going down without a fight!  She would search the world if she had to.  Asia travelled to Hong Kong, to India, to Japan, and across North America.  She made phone calls, she sought out the best doctors in all professions, she had conversations with whoever would talk to her; and she listened.  She researched everything she heard.  Eventually, Asia started using some of the products herself.  The herbs helped a little, but at first they were not completely effective.  However, having taken Logic in university, Asia started thinking beyond what she was told and coming up with her own combinations.  She took what she had learned of Ayurvedic medicine and added it to what she was doing.  By coming up with her own combinations of Chinese, Ayurvedic, and Western medicines, she finally hit on a winning formula.  Finally she was finding personal success in combating her illnesses!  The problem, she realized, was that others didn't think in combinations.  They were suffering from a case of tunnel vision, figuratively speaking.  But Asia was able to put it all together and come up with a way to build up and nourish the body.  However, something was still missing.  It took Asia a while to recognise what it was, but then it dawned on her.  The Chinese don't talk about things like vitamins and minerals.  After all, their diets are rich in what they need, so it doesn't have to be part of their expertise.  But the food available in Western areas, as well as eating habits, often leaves a lot to be desired.  This meant that she did need to look into taking supplements, as well as cleansing her major organs, before she could see complete success.  (For more details about how According to Asia's combinations work on the five major organs in the body, visit the Health Solutions section.)  She invested thousands more dollars at the health food stores.  For some reason, though, the products just weren't effective.  Many of the stores seemed to be bringing in low quality products just to get a higher profit margin, and Asia called them on it!  She continued to search for the best products, ones which were high quality but still affordable, trying them all out for herself. 


Little by little, she continued building her winning formulas.  As they observed amazing improvements in her health, other people began coming to Asia for assistance and she started helping them, too.  And she started seeing results with all of them - where doctors were failing, she was succeeding!  On November 25th, 2010, the name According to Asia was born, and six months later it went international.  Although she set out with the sole purpose of curing her own health problems, Asia is now reaching out and touching the lives of countless others across the world, giving health and hope to those who need it.  Every day she is still researching and still learning as she continues to pour her heart and soul into all that she does.


If you would like more information, or if you are ready to begin on your own personal journey to health, please visit the Contact Asia page or call According to Asia at 1-306-244-5570.  If you would like to share your story with us or hear from some of the people Asia has helped, go to the Testimonials page in the Health Solutions portion of the website.  For even more first-hand testimonials, you can also visit According to Asia on Facebook from the link on our Home page.